Brian Nash & Madonna Bush :: Upcoming show at the TFAC!

Brian Nash :: I was born and raised in Boston.  I have an MBA from Dartmouth, and was the Director of Retail Marketing and Advertising for Polo Ralph Lauren in NYC when I got the bug to write country music.  I moved to Nashville to become a songwriter, and have had a few dozen songs recorded. I thought that writing would be it for me: I couldn’t imagine loving anything more. Well, I was wrong…

Although I’ve always loved art and and have spent an absurd amount of time in museums and galleries, I had never painted.  One day, though, I put down my guitar and picked up a paint brush, and I couldn’t be happier.   My art is now sold in several galleries around the country, and my paintings are in the permanent collection of many children’s hospitals, high-end restaurants, and boutiques.

I’m drawn to paintings that have an inherent narrative, which may be a result of my background in advertising.   It manifests itself in the images and titles of some of the paintings. I’m currently writing and illustrating a children’s book.

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Madonna Reisz Bush :: Influenced by her own travels and stories of bygone eras, Madonna’s work ranges from playful to romantic to exotic. She utilizes various jewelry-making techniques including metal-smithing, cold connection, beading and wirework. Although she often uses vintage pieces and found objects in her designs, many of her components are handmade from polymer clay and metal. She uses different metals such as copper, brass and silver in combinations and hand patinaes or hand paints many of them.

Since growing up in southern Indiana, she has lived in several different states and Mexico. In her twenties, she traveled as the lead singer in a band. In recent years, she has been working in the furniture industry as a buyer and showroom designer.

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