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Clark Walker :: Clark Walker, who was born in Selma, Alabama, has been painting since he was a child. After high school he studied with late Montgomery artist Charles Shannon. Later, he left the Capital City to attend the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in Maine. While there, he studied with Ben Shahn and Jack Levine. Clark describes his work as “abstract with a representational twist.” His figurative paintings display graceful and serene individuals lost in contemplation. “These are mostly imaginary people, but at the same time, they seem like someone you know.”

Melissa Tubbs :: Melissa B. Tubbs has been creating finely-detailed pen-and-ink drawings of architectural subjects for 20 years. Her works document buildings and their ornamentation in order to preserve them for future generations. She is a firm believer in the proverb “The wise man preserves that which he values and celebrates that which he preserves.” Form, line, and light have more emphasis in black and white, perfect for rendering architectural elements. She is interested in conveying the depth created by the contrast of bright light and cast shadows. The woodcuts of Albrecht Durer and the wood engravings of Barry Moser have influenced her pen-and-ink work.

Larry Wilson :: Larry Wilson was raised in Alabama but now resides in Georgia.  He has worked many jobs throughout his life, including buying and selling land and raising cattle.  At 50, Larry got “his hands in mud and couldn’t ever get ’em out.”  He says that making his clay forms gives him a feeling that he just can’t explain.  “The Lord has just blessed me with it.”  His self-taught art is “sold up” at almost every market and show he attends.  Wilson’s wife and daughter help him with his exploding business.  From monkies and alligators to Santa riding pigs, Larry’s God-given talent can not help but put a smile on your face.

Come meet the artists, November 17th from 6-8 pm

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