Be part of the Community 

Be part of the Community Artists Exhibit this Sunday!
( Hello my favorite folks of 931 rock and seek 🙂
The circle garden at the Art Center is an empty space that needs some color. We are asking that you please show your support for the children and children’s arts and the art work shops at the center by painting rocks as you do for the group that you hide. We would like the children to come and neatly place painted and sealed rocks in the garden and try to fill up the garden to make it an amazing work of art by the youth of our county. Parents and family are encouraged to help and participate in the amazing journey. It will become a place of miracles and beauty for the world to see. You do not need to come this Sunday to participate…this is an ongoing project until the garden is filled with color. Let’s be one community and make the Art Center shine with bright colors.

Event on Sunday is from 2pm-5pm.