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Donations Welcome

This will be a free event. Donations will be welcome. Reservations will start on Saturday, May 14th. You must call the center to register your spot at 931-455-1234 or email Come out and support your local artists!

May 26th @ 7:00pm

May 27 @ 5:00pm.

This event is for the whole family. Refreshments will be provided for purchases and there will be an uncork fee of $10.00 which includes 2 glasses to use during the performance.


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Hamilton, winner of many Tonys, is a musical about the life of Alexander Hamilton, a founding father who was not discussing much before this show, but now, as Lin Manuel Miranda says, “embodies the Hip Hop culture”. It is an incredible soundtrack, and from the clips online, we have seen that it is wonderfully choreographed and acted. We all know most of it by heart. Now, Miranda and the creators of the show, in giving back to our community, decided they would authorize groups to do sing-alongs aka karaoke in an effort to spread the good word of theater even farther, and as an “I love you” to the Ham Fans. This is what Hamiltunes is. In order to make the show accessible to hard core fans and those not familiar with the show at all, we utilize a Song Leader structure.

Song leaders:
Hamilton – Amanda Dodson
Aaron Burr – Savannah Hunter
Eliza – Alexis Mosely
Angelica – Elizabeth Hosler
Peggy/Maria Reynolds – Jules Orihuela
Lafayette- Steven Marshall
Laurens/Phillip – Kevin Hambrick
Washington- Mathias James
Mulligan/Madison – Rachel Hambrick
Jefferson – Makayla Gillis
Seabury / James Reynolds – Bekah Anderson / Masha Bystritskii
Charles Lee/ George Eacker – Brianna Coutta
King George – Leoseth Schmidt
Ensemble- Ella Sales, Sylas Zimmerman