“All exhibit receptions are now held on the first Sunday of each month. “

“The Rural Perspective Project”

by Tony Patterson

Reception will Sunday, March 4th from 2pm to 5pm.

The exhibit will showcase until March 24th


Tony Patterson Selff.jpg

Tony Patterson is a traditional analog photographer in rural Tennessee. He received his A.A.S. degree in Commercial Photography from Randolph College in Asheboro, NC. His work has been on display in the Tennessee State Museum, Nashville International Airport, and various other exhibits throughout the region. Fujifilm North America has placed five of his images under license for use in their ads worldwide. His images have also been featured in publications. He is a contributing editor for Photographize Magazine (www.photographize.co) and is a RAW Artist with a recent show at The City Winery in Nashville, TN. He has lived in Ohio, Florida, and North Carolina and is now settled in Tullahoma, TN. His work consists primarily of large format film images shot on a 4×5 camera and utilizing unique lenses. His favorite lens is the famed Aero Ektar, which was mounted on bombers in WWII and produces truly beautiful images.


My work explores our world through the analog process. Even though digital photography rules the day, I could no longer find fulfillment utilizing the digital medium. Nothing felt intentional or from the heart any longer, hence, my return to film. I currently utilize large format 4×5 view cameras and both traditional and non-traditional lenses. I have a formal darkroom and have been exploring the use of custom liquid emulsions. I also use medium format and some 35mm film cameras as well. The images featured for this display are produced using an assortment of these cameras.

I have found that many times images are produced out of a sense of need.   A therapeutic endeavor if you will. When the world starts spinning rapidly, I find that using the intentionally slow process of the view camera to be a truly therapeutic approach to life. Things slow down. Vision becomes clear. The heart loves once again.

My current projects include the culmination of a year long journey telling the story of our local 130 year old civic center / playhouse. I am also beginning preparation for a March show that will focus on my local community. This will be printed on large sheets of watercolor paper coated with hand applied emulsion.

I focus my work in the area of black and white photography. To me, nothing strips away the distractions or the masks that we wear like the black and white image. We are left with a rawness that can’t be captured in color. It has been said by Ted Grant that you photograph the soul when you photograph in black and white.

I couldn’t agree more.

Downstairs Gallery

George McElligott 2

George was born and raised in Limerick, Ireland, George moved to Tennessee in 2016 to marry his lovely wife, Debbie. Feeling immediately at home, he was struck by how much the Tennessee hills and friendly people reminded him of Ireland.

A self-taught artist, from an early age George was intrigued by art in its entire media, but he was especially captivated by the works of the Old Masters. Having used watercolor, charcoal, and pencil to hone his skills, he now exclusively paints in oils.

George has exhibited and sold paintings at galleries in Ireland, and lately in the U.S. Many of his paintings have found homes all over the world.

George will be teaching an 8 weeks Oil Painting Class starting on Feb. 24



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