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“All exhibit receptions are now held on the first Sunday of each month.

” Except when a holiday occurs on Sunday

May Exhibit-

The Tullahoma Art Center is proud to present

Tullahoma High School and Coffee County High School Students.

Reception on Sunday, May 6 from 2pm to 5pm.

The exhibit will showcase until May 27th

Tullahoma High School

Tullahoma High School



My name is Oana; I’m 18 years old and from Belgium. I’ve been in the US for 9 months and this will be the last one month I spend here. Thanks to my art teacher and very inspiring songs, people and artists, I’ve been (able to be) more involved in art. I love drawing and painting, mostly with acrylics. I’m planning to go to an art school next year, and I’m really excited about it. . Merci de votre attention, j’espère que vous apprecierez mon travail!



Amiee Christopher


Aimee Christopher best known for trying her hand at any and all kinds of art, she identifies as a jack of all trades from embroidering tennis rackets to rendering portraits in both ink and graphite to weaving with wood and wool, she has an appetite for it all. Her work thus far encompasses her growth and exploration as an artist, trying multiple mediums and styles and gradually developing her own along the way.

Aimee collection displayed here today invites us to witness her experimentation of the possible interactions magazine clippings form with various mediums, including canvas, thread, pen and paint. This body of work draws inspiration from the photos themselves and creates both an implicit and explicit dialogue with the viewer.


Gracie Ponder

Gracie Ponder is 16 years old and started in the arts through watching videos from extras on Disney movies that taught how to draw the characters. My favorite drawing was Bambi, Lady and the Tramp, and How to Train Your Dragon. Eventually I started to learn how to draw things just by looking at a picture, and now I am focusing on drawing things using only my imagination, instead of using reference pictures. My first art class (besides elementary) was my freshman year at high school. I mainly focus on drawing and painting animals with realistic details.



Coffee County High School

Coffee County Centeral High School



Amanda McGowan pic


Amanda McGowan is a 17 year old student at Coffee County Central High School. She has been a cheerleader for five years and enjoysAmanda McGowan work doing art in her spare time with her mom. She loves to spend her time using acrylic paint, watercolor, and pencil drawing.




Johnny Dulin pic


Johnny Dulin has created art since he was a child in kindergarten. He has been interested in all mediums of art for as long as he could remember. Johnny Dulin is attending Nossi College of Art after graduating Coffee County Central High School. Johnny focuses on a cartoon yet realistic style of drawing, but is majoring in graphic design. He does digital Johnny Dulin work pieces and Johnny Dulin worksketches of many characters he creates to learn coloring. He truly enjoys drawing portraits and full body sketches of characters in a cartoon world. He grew up watching cartoons as a child and has drawn them since.



Sarah Pearson pic


Sarah Pearson attends Coffee County Central High School and is 18 years old.  She has been drawing, cutting, gluing, and painting since she could walk. Art is one of her Sarah Pearson workfavorite hobbies along with running track, exercising, and playing with her pet hedgehog.





Taylor Urbanek pic


Taylor Urbanek is a senior at Coffee County Central High School. Taylor began practicing photography about 4 years ago and has progressed in her skills. What started out as a hobby turned into a dream career.




Vanessa Willis pic

Vanessa Willis is a seventeen year old senior at Coffee County Central High. She has always appreciated art and been creative, and recently she has discovered a passion for painting. VanessaVanessa Willis work believes art has the power to inspire and that every painting has a mood or emotion. She hopes her work radiates happiness and promotes imagination.



Raven Dewitt Pic


Raven Dewitt is a senior at Coffee County Central HS.  She is 18 and loves to paint and draw.  Most of the things she creates are inspired by her dreams.  She hopes to be a Raven Dewitt Workculinary chef and create art in her spare time.  Her hobbies include painting, drawing, reading, and crocheting.



Sam Lovely pic.png


Sam Lovely is an 18-year-old student at CCCHS. Sam’s primary mediums are graphite and acrylic with intentions to become more involved with sculpture. She is inspired by interaction Sam Lovely Workbetween humans and nature.







Alyssa Richard pic


Alyssa Richard is a senior at Coffee County Central High School. Art has been her primary passion since she was a young girl and she hopes one dayAlyssa Richard work to be able to make others happy via her craft, making art and being happy herself in turn.




Ariah Tucker pic


Ariah Tucker is a young artist that has come from a very artistic family. Throughout her older years, she used art to channel all of the stress and emotion that comes from being a teenager and growing up, along with just doing it out of pure enjoyment. Ariah uses many different forms of Ariah Tucker workmedia, mostly acrylic and watercolor. She is always experimenting with them and trying to better herself as an artist.






Hannah Perry pic


Hannah Perry, 18 years old, Coffee County Central High School. Throughout Hannah’s years she has experimented with several forms of art and is fascinated with them all. Growing up, she used art as a form of Hannah Perry workescape so that her mind was given a moment to breathe and relax. She often tends to showcase her personality in all of her work.




Olivia Johnston pic


Olivia Johnston is a seventeen year old from Coffee County Central High School.  Olivia finds inspiration in everyday things, especially people and their expressions.  Although she primarily works in graphite Olivia Johnston workand ink, she dabbles with watercolors, acrylics, and textiles.



Downstairs Gallery


Alex Pietzsch and Mary Vacek 

Alex Pietzsch


Alex Pietzsch





Mary V

Mary Vacek is relatively new to Tennessee, having only moved to Tullahoma 5 years ago when she became the Visual Arts Instructor at Coffee County Central High School. She graduated with a BFA in Studio Art from Central Missouri State University with an Emphasis in Printmaking and began her teaching career in the fall of 2000. Mary V Work

Mary’s education and teaching experience offered her many opportunities involving different art forms, but recently began experimenting with the mixed media process. This integration of techniques allows for a layering of textures and space, representing varying levels of thought, both conscious and subconscious. Her inspiration is drawn from personal experiences and life events.

Mary also finds great satisfaction in creating relief prints and wheel thrown pottery.

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