1stChoice RealtorDecember Exhibit in the Main Gallery

1st Choice, Realtor Present the

Women Artists from Middle Tennessee

                              Open reception will be held on Sunday, December 3rd from 2pm to 5pm.

                         Exhibit will showcase until December 23rd.

Michelle Cain

Michelle Cain

Michelle Cain hails from Lincoln Nebraska, but has lived all over the country with her Air Force family. Michelle loved art in high school and drew for fun in college while pursuing her M.Ed. in exercise physiology. After graduation, Michelle joined the United States Air Force where she served as an Aerospace Physiology Officer for 13 years, training air crew in the physiological aspects of high performance flight. She met her husband in the Air Force and started dabbling in oil painting when they were stationed on the Emerald Coast of Florida.

After separating from the AF, Michelle taught 6thgrade where she was the grade level art instructor. She also taught the summer art program for her school district. Drawn to the impressionists, Michelle began oil painting with a palette knife in impasto technique, which continues to be her preferred style and medium. Michelle has sold her art internationally and won both 2nd place in the Palmdale Playhouse Generations Call for Artists, and 1st in the Les Cheneaux Community Library notecard fundraiser. She currently resides in Tullahoma and teaches home school and children’s art classes at the Tullahoma Art Center.

Lynn Anthony

Lynn Annthony pic

Lynn Anthony is a local artist who resides in the quaint community of Noah, TN. Nestled between Beechgrove and Manchester, Noah is a small community tucked deep inside beautiful rolling hills, dotted with family farms and picturesque scenery. Much of her inspiration is gathered from the serene setting of her farmhouse in Noah. Lynn works from a small studio in her farmhouse—which was built in 1942 and has been lovingly restored. Together, she and her husband Paul have raised four children and are now parents to four Great Pyrenees, a feisty Dachshund named Niles, a coop full of chickens, a host of barn cats and a rabbit named Poppy!

Lynn’s resurgence into the art world began a few years ago after a vacation in Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi. While visiting the Alice Moseley museum—a local artist who began painting late in her 70’s!—inspiration struck! After arriving back home Lynn began dabbling at painting again after taking a break from art for many years. Immediately her passion for painting was re-sparked! Lynn began with painting portraits of her own pets, then friends’ pets, then painting pet portraits for strangers! Since then her work  has expanded to painting landscapes, seascapes, still life, people, all animals…You name it, and she is probably painting it!

The theme to her work could be summarized as “whimsical”. No matter the subject each piece has a bit of whimsy; whether it be the color palette selected, the scale, or the subject. Lynn is definitely an optimist, who takes neither herself nor life too seriously! She sees the world through rainbow colored glasses and that vision is reflected in each of her unique art pieces. Lynn is a member of the Tullahoma Art Center and teaches classes to adults.

Joanna Sieber pic

The guiding principle for Joanna Seiber as an artist is that no matter where the painting leads her whether it is a success or a failure it is always worth the doing.

Joanna favored medium is oil. She loves the ability to manipulate the paint. So many interesting things can develop. She let the painting lead her and halfway create itself. It is so much fun and can also be frustrating. Each piece is a learning experience.

For inspiration, she often uses photographs that have been taken. It is one’s memories that make the execution of a piece unique.

Recently, Joanna has been concentrating on technique, as in “Water Lily” and the concentration on contrast. In the hummingbird painting she attempted to create the jeweled tones. For her composition is very important. Without it, she is never satisfied.

Joanna hope is that she can continue to paint and create until the end of her days. Joanna is a long time standing member and volunteer of the Tullahoma Art Center.

Pat Hitchcox

Pat Hitchcox

Painting is a wonderful lifetime hobby of mine. I try most of the new mediums that are available. Some I like, some not so much. I am happier with a brush in my hand.  I prefer oils , or fabric painting. I teach mostly in acrylic using Americana Deco Art . They have just created New Premium Acrylic Paint which is fabulous. I have been creating with this new paint using palette knifes, and brushes. Love the results.

I am a certified Teacher of Decorative Art, my certification is from Society of Decorative Painters, Wichita, Kansas.  I am also a Helping Artist with  Deco Art, Americana Paints. I have won many different awards, lucky enough to have some of my designs published, or sold some of  my designs. I have taught my own designs at National Painting Conventions, Regional Painting Conventions, Travel Teacher to different painting Chapters, church  groups.   My teaching career started many years , as a local pre-school, and Head Start teacher. I have always wanted to become an Art teacher.

My experience as an Artist, has helped me reach, and teach many different levels of painters. My skill set can reach any painter who wants to paint. From setting up their work area, to maintaining their tools. I just finished my second ( three  year) commitment serving on the National Education Board for Society of Decorative Painters. We were to create a library of beginner projects, and resources for new painters. We are losing our most skilled talent daily, we should be keeping our Art alive with creations of new painters. Pat is a member and teacher of the Tullahoma Art Center. She has already has scheduled her 2018 classes.

Pat Hitchcox, TDA, Helping Artist

Button Dale

Button Dale Pic

I’m “Button” Dale and am a native of Coffee County. My husband and I live in Manchester. We have no children but enjoy our nephews and nieces.

I have always been interested in coloring and have a coloring book from my childhood showing how I tried to shade my pictures before I knew what shading was.  I only started painting seriously about 8 years ago. Started with acrylic but found watercolor to be my favorite medium during a workshop in Nashville.  The other medium I enjoy even though it’s time consuming is colored pencil.   The subject matter I’m drawn to is mostly floral but am trying to branch out into other things. Button is a member of the Tullahoma Art Center and will be teaching different forms of art classes in 2018.


Downstairs Gallery

Stanton Tubb (Free Exhibit)


Stanton A. Tubb fine art photography
Stanton Tubb is an award winning, landscape photographer whose work focuses on the Earth, Water, Sky, and the signs of Man. Have you ever browsed through an art gallery and pondered owning a exclusive art piece for your home or office or friend? The key is to consider your ultimate statement on that special wall. Then the artwork becomes unique and truly personal.  My experiences have shaped my life to fill the inspirations I wish to share with you.”A sense for photography may come from many sources. As a child my loving mom and aunts encouraged me to color and draw. My dad being in wooden parts manufacturing and timber business showed me the beauty of the forest. All had a special draw which influenced my love of the arts and the many beauties this world has to offer. Then someone gave me a camera and it clicked. My family and the opportunities to travel and see beautiful places inspired and heighten the joy of creating artistic photography which opened my eyes to see the beauty in little things.” My hope is that my images bring you to these beauties all around us. I strive for my fine art photography to bring a sense of adventure. The adventures we have experienced and the adventures we’ve dreamed of as each has a story to tell. May they speak of those special memories and feelings which makes life so beautiful and meaningful. Winner: Nashville Arts Magazine, “Wishing for a Brighter Day” – First Place, 4th place, and 2 honorable mentions Nashville Tennessee State Fair, Best in Show plus 3-1st and 1-2nd 2014 Williams County Fair, 3-1st, 2-2nd in 2011 Exhibits: Sotheby’s, solo show in Nashville Metropolitan Nashville Art Commission, Chromatics, Vanderbilt, Chaffin Dinner Barn, Provence Bread & Cafe, Scarritt-Bennett Center, Nashville Museum (images on permeant collection), Cumberland Heights (3 images on permeant collection), McMinnville Library, Brentwood and Cookeville Photography Clubs exhibits Charities: (Through Brentwood Photograph Group -all proceeds go to the charities): Arthritis Foundation, March of Dimes, Brightstone, Susan G Komen, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, Benton Hall Academy, Viva la Diva Run, A Vintage Affair, Chukkers for Charity, WAVE. Stanton is a member of the Tullahoma Art Center and his photos can be found in the gift.

Our galleries exhibit artworks by emerging and established artists. Group shows, solo artist exhibitions and retrospectives are juried by our exhibitions’ committee, which includes exhibiting artists, curators, arts instructors and gallerists.

Our galleries are free to members/$5.00 to non-members and open to the public Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm and Saturday 10 am to 2 pm. We offer docent tours for individuals or groups (please call to schedule a tour), exhibition publications, exhibiting artists’ talks,  and exhibition opening receptions to the public.

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