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September Exhibits – Upstairs Gallery

The Tullahoma Art Center is proud to present

Michael Bush

Reception on Sunday, September 9th from 2pm to 5pm.

The exhibit will showcase until September 29th

Phase I “Mirror on America” was exhibited throughout the month of August. In September we welcome Phase II  “Reflective Conversations”, a powerful exploration of many of the issues we face in today’s society. The mixed media exhibit is made up of many-dimensional vignettes of political or social issues. The pieces are not for sale.

Michael Bush
“Girls Keep Out” by Michael Bush.

“The impact of the exhibits come as a group rather than as individual paintings,” Bush said. “These are visual essays to stimulate conversations among young people. I want kids to learn that art has more meaning than just as a decoration on the wall.”

As part of all the exhibitions, Bush encourages faculty members to schedule class time to view the collection. He also meets with students in classes and individually to discuss the inspiration for the pieces. After seeing his collections, Bush hopes that “these students see paintings in a different light and can focus on what artists are trying to tell them with their work.

He added, “These paintings are how I tell my story.”

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