Members Theme Gallery

The Members’ Gallery is reserved for displaying our member artists’ work. The exhibit will feature work from TAC members, with exhibits changing monthly and focusing on a different theme. Members may submit three new works of any medium each month. Theme submissions are always due the first Friday of the month. Artists must be a current member of the Tullahoma Art Center. Membership can be purchased at the time of submission.

Prize: Spotlight Artists..Winner is broadcast on TAC website and social media platforms.

“Community/Member art exhibits are a great way to get a range of artists from the local community to exhibit their work together. Not only does it provide established artists with an event where they can present their work, but it also gives up-and-coming amateur artists the opportunity to enter the art world

Themes for upcoming Exhibits


February  Famous Landmarks

Choose a famous international landmark or building for inspiration. Try the Guggenheim Museum, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Eiffel Tower, or the Empire State Building as a starting point for artists to create an architectural impression of their own making,

You could also bring this theme back to a local level by focusing on a local landmark, historical event or building.

March   Local inspiration

This theme brings out diverse artistic interpretations of a local space and is broad enough to produce a wide range of works.

April Inspired by Great artists

Pick a famous artist as an inspiration- for example Van Gogh, Degas, Rembrandt, Pollock, or Picasso – and encourage artists to create a work which displays a figurative, literal, or thematic inspiration of that particular artist’s work on their own.

May The Delight of a Fair or Carnival

This theme can be about the atmosphere of a fair or through  a child eyes on how a fair feels and looks to them. Your imagination of blending colors.

June Tiny Art

Tiny art is small work in two or three dimensions measuring no larger than 20cm by 20cms. It also challenges artists to focus their ideas by narrowing down the size and scope of the work.

July     Self-portraiture

This theme is able to be widely interpreted. Self-portraiture is an excellent way to get artists to think about any kind of object or subject matter that expresses their own identity.

August – Graphic Novels

Choose your favorite graphic novel and character. Superheroes and Villains fits perfect for back school fun.

September Unique Medium

Artists will use a unique medium choose from newspaper, plastic, corrugated cardboard or metal. Incorporating it into your own style.

October Monster Mashup

Monster Mashup is a collaborative project between local elementary aged children and artists. The goal is to get children invested and interested in many diverse art mediums and to provide an insight into different perspectives and processes. We have a lovely volunteer group of elementary children that have agreed to design their own Monsters and draw us pictures of their creations. Those pictures will be handed off to an extremely talented group of local artists who will re-interpret them into “grown-up” pieces of art. Artists and Children please call the center if you would like to participate in this project!

November National identity  

This theme incorporates artwork (in any medium) that is inspired by your country. National colors, icons and flag could be used as inspiration.

December It’s a Winter Wonder Land

Create something that reminds you of the holidays using recycle greeting cards

2017 Previous Themes

September: Rare Opportunity:


August: Monster Mashup

Monster Mash