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Joanna Sieber pic

The guiding principle for Joanna Seiber as an artist is that no matter where the painting leads her whether it is a success or a failure it is always worth the doing.

Joanna favored medium is oil. She loves the ability to manipulate the paint. So many interesting things can develop. She let the painting lead her and halfway create itself. It is so much fun and can also be frustrating. Each piece is a learning experience.

For inspiration, she often uses photographs that have been taken. It is one’s memories that make the execution of a piece unique.

Recently, Joanna has been concentrating on technique, as in “Water Lily” and the concentration on contrast. In the hummingbird painting she attempted to create the jeweled tones. For her composition is very important. Without it, she is never satisfied.

Joanna hope is that she can continue to paint and create until the end of her days.


2 Spotlight Winners (tie)

Vince ZVince Zaccardi, born and bred Boston Boy, came to the world of Woodworking after retiring from Arnold Engineering Development Center, and joined the TN Valley Woodworkers. A tinkerer at heart, Vince always was curious about how things are made. Physics major at Northeastern University in Boston, he knew about forces and fractions, but the practicalities of completing “hands on” projects came by trial and error.  Mistakes are often the best teachers!

Vince enjoys Woodturning Workshop with the professionals, and frequently goes to John C. Campbell Folk School in N.C, the TN Association of Woodturners Symposiums in Nashville, and several professional woodturners in Southeast for personal instruction. He now shares his skills with others at the TN Valley Woodworker workshop each year. He has demonstrated at Coffee County Fair and Hands on Science Center, Tullahoma, as well.


Pat Hitchcox, TDA, Helping Artist

Painting is a wonderful lifetime hobby of mine. I try most of the new mediums that are available. Some I like, some not so much. I am happier with a brush in my hand.  I prefer oils , or fabric painting. I teach mostly in acrylic using Americana Deco Art . They have just created New Premium Acrylic Paint which is fabulous. I have been creating with this new paint using palette knifes, and brushes. Love the results.

I am a certified Teacher of Decorative Art, my certification is from Society of Decorative Painters, Wichita, Kansas.  I am also a Helping Artist with  Deco Art, Americana Paints. I have won many different awards, lucky enough to have some of my designs published, or sold some of  my designs. I have taught my own designs at National Painting Conventions, Regional Painting Conventions, Travel Teacher to different painting Chapters, church  groups.   My teaching career started many years , as a local pre-school, and Head Start teacher. I have always wanted to become an Art teacher.

My experience as an Artist, has helped me reach, and teach many different levels of painters. My skill set can reach any painter who wants to paint. From setting up their work area, to maintaining their tools. I just finished my second ( three  year) commitment serving on the National Education Board for Society of Decorative Painters. We were to create a library of beginner projects, and resources for new painters. We are losing our most skilled talent daily, we should be keeping our Art alive with creations of new painters. Pat is a member and teacher of the Tullahoma Art Center. She has already has scheduled her 2018 classes.


George McElligott self

George McElligott

Born and raised in Limerick, Ireland, George moved to Beechgrove, Tennessee in 2016 to marry his lovely wife, Debbie. Feeling immediately at home, he was struck by how much the Tennessee hills and friendly people reminded him of Ireland. However, since he and Debbie both work from home, the couple felt isolated and decided to move to Tullahoma, where Debbie had previously lived and worked, so they could become part of the community.

A self-taught artist, from an early age George was intrigued by art in all its media, but he was especially captivated by the works of the Old Masters. Having used watercolour, charcoal, and pencil to hone his skills, he now exclusively paints in oils.

George has an eclectic taste in the subjects he likes to paint – from modern, thought-provoking themes, to more traditional oils on canvas. He creates each piece to stimulate the viewer’s imagination. He is fascinated by the mysterious and magical process of creating something that begins as a thought, a seed of an idea, and culminates as a finished piece that he hopes will captivate and please the viewer.

George has exhibited and sold paintings at galleries in Ireland, and lately in the U.S. Many of his paintings have found homes all over the world. He welcomes all types of commissioned works.



J. Denise Miller

 J. Denise Miller lives in Estill Springs, Tennessee. She works mainly in acrylics and soft pastels, but she also works in watercolors and collage. She has studied with several artists including Ann Ford of Tullahoma and Patricia Underwood of Cowan.

 The artist has had her work featured in shows at the Celtic Cup Coffee House in Tullahoma, the Artisan Depot gallery in Cowan, and the Franklin County Library. Her painting Little Red Barn was selected for the Emerging Artist program at the Panoply Arts Festival in Huntsville, AL, in 2013. She also had work accepted in the Art for the Park show at the Trails and Trilliums event in 2014 and 2016. Her painting Evanescence was chosen for the 2015 Southeastern Pastel Society online exhibit and her painting Cathedral was chosen for the 2016 online exhibit.

Denise teaches art classes through the Healing Arts Project, sponsored by the Middle Tennessee Coalition for Mental Health and Substance Abuse.  In addition to her membership in the Tullahoma Arts Center, she is also a member of the Southeastern Pastel Society and the Franklin County Arts Guild.



Angie Lilienthal was raised in the small New England town of Strafford, NH. As a child she was always artistic, drawing on any scrap of paper she could come across. Aside from art Angie has always had a love of nature and animals, especially horses, and enjoys reflecting these subjects in her artwork, and you will often find her own pets in the pages of her sketch books.  She is a self-taught artist, having only taken a few art courses in high school, and then entering the animal industry soon after graduating in 2000.  Angie’s favorite medium to use is colored pencil, but she also enjoys pen and ink, watercolor, and acrylic. Recently her works have been centered around pen and ink drawings due to her kids love of “helping” their Mom whenever the paints come out!   After several years working as a vet tech, she decided that it was time for a change, so in 2016, along with her husband and 3 (now 4!) children, relocated to middle Tennessee where her husband spent his childhood. After spending a year renting in Tullahoma, and growing to love the community, schools, and all it has to offer, they just recently made the leap into home ownership. Angie now has a home art studio, and is excited to start pursuing her art career at long last.


Karen Ingle

Karen Smith Ingle loves painting because it is a great form of therapy for a very vivid imagination and a very active mind! She has always loved to paint, but also has tried several forms of medium. Her passion is in acrylics and oils; and her canvas can be on any surfaces and/or subjects. She stated, “It’s whatever inspires me at the moment”.  She has painted small murals for residences and businesses. Karen has a business in Winchester, TN, where she does custom framing, commissioned artwork, and mostly any type of creative projects. She has lived in this area most all of her life and hopefully, will always be painting!