Summer Solstice Yoga/ International day of Yoga

Thursday June 21. 2018 Class Time: Morning 7am ---45 min class Mid day 12pm ---45 min class Evening 5:30pm 1 hour class Cost $3.00 per person (non-members) "FREE TO TAC MEMBERS". Supplies: Bring your own Yoga Mat (I do have a few to loan), Class size: no limit





Instructor Bio: Tami Sterchak is the founder of Silly Kids Yoga and Every Body’s Yoga.  Her mission is to bring yoga and mindfulness to the youth and youth-minded individuals in Southern Middle, Tennessee.

Tami believes that body/mind/emotional awareness through the practice of yoga will help change our society into a more responsible and loving community.  By teaching our children practical skills and applications for responding rather than reacting to emotions, the next generation learns how to be happier, healthier and wealthier in all areas of life.

Tami has been trained in various areas of yoga, including children’s yoga and mindfulness.  She identifies her greatest teachers as her seven kids through whom she has learned to stay disciplined and focused through strength of love and passion to be proactive while simultaneously balancing family, friends, life and career in a kind and loving fashion.